Learn Real Japanese

We take gritty, raw Japanese stuff and turn it into useful language learning material! Real-life content that Japanese people encounter every day, complete with native-checked explanations and cultural insight.

Key Features

Raw Content From Japan

All content on Gakuu is created with real material that goes beyond the textbooks. It is sourced in Japan and used by Japanese people themselves in daily life, so that everything you will be learning is useful and relevant.

Great Value, Fun Learning

Full members pay less than $1 per post! We break down advanced material using audio and video to keep things interesting and fun to learn. With the growing amount of quality content and explanations here, that’s an outright steal!

Native Checked, Cultural Lessons

Without context and culture, a language is worthless. You can rest assured that all the lessons have been checked by native Japanese speakers and give cultural background knowledge so that you can use the language correctly.

Clear, Fresh Explanations

Unlike regular textbooks, Gakuu remains current by constantly updating and refreshing the material. Intuitive commentary and simple explanations from people who have experienced the same challenges learning the language as you.

Who is Gakuu for?

  • Self Learners of Japanese
  • Intermediate to Advanced Students
  • Those Going Beyond Textbooks

Gakuu can be used by a wide range of people, from beginner to advanced level learners. That said, since we use real-world examples of Japanese, it might be a little frightening for those who have never touched the language before. We do explain everything as simply as possible and make it fun, but for absolute beginners, Gakuu works best when combined with a basic Japanese textbook.

If you’d like to start learning Japanese, we can help recommend some good courses to get you started – just drop us a quick email! You can also browse the beginner content on Gakuu. Pre-intermediate or higher level students – you can just plunge right into the content!

Check out Our Philosophy, the FAQ or Contact Us if you have any questions! Also, take a look at the completely free lessons here!

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