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‘Ore Ore’ Scams in Japan

Ever heard of the ‘ore ore’ scams encountered in Japan? Ore ore (俺俺) means ‘It’s me, it’s me!’ and is used to represent this social problem because the unpleasant encounter quite often begins with those very words. Today we examine a safety notice advising residents on how to avoid being deceived. (more…)

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A quick note about…

Polite Japanese doesn’t always have to mean long sentences full of complicated vocabulary. Sometimes the shortest messages are also most enlightening. Take a look at this little email message. (more…)

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You’ve Got Mail!

Unexpected things in the mail are always a concern. “Oh no, what have I missed? It’s not a bill, is it? Or worse, overdue tax payments? Heaven forbid I have to make a phone call in Japanese…” Today we take a look at a standard postal note to help you deal with stuff like this. […]

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