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All Kinds Of Thing – ピンキリ

All and sundry. The whole spectrum. Anything and everything. Those are all viable translations for this juicy little slang term. ピンキリ might confuse you at first though. I initially thought of remembering something (ピンとくる) and for something to have no limits (きりがない), but it’s actually used in quite a different way. (more…)

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Get What You Deserve – 自業自得

Here’s the Japanese equivalent of a nice little idiom that we often find ourselves using in English. 自業自得 literally translates to the English idiom ‘you reap what you sow’. But we have several other expressions that are good matches for this Japanese phrase too. Let’s explore. (more…)

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Japanese Job Hunting Test

Recently as part of my job hunting I had to take a personality test in Japanese. There were quite a number of unusual adjectives that I came across, so I thought the content would be useful for advanced learners of Japanese. (more…)

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