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konyoku (1)

Mixed Bathing in Japan 1 – 混浴

Ahh Konyoku, the delicate topic of mixed bathing. While not widespread around Japan, it’s certainly not uncommon to find onsen that allow both men and women to bathe together, and increasingly it would seem, young couples are enjoying breaks together to share a private bath at a relaxing ryokan. (more…)

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Complaint Clinic

Here’s one fascinating sign I came across that was too unusual to pass up. I’d never heard of these sort of places before, but apparently they do exist! (more…)

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The 6 Types of Donburi

Alrighty then. Here’s one sign straight from the ‘bowls’ of Sukiya, a 牛丼 (ぎゅうどん) chain here in Japan. I was tickled by the cute illustrations of the various sizes of beef bowls available! (more…)

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