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Welcome Party Thank You Email

Work-related emails come in many fixed patterns. Quite often they will use special vocabulary and grammar depending on the degree of politeness and relationship to the recipient. This can be one of the trickiest aspects of learning Japanese, because it’s not simply enough to be able to express yourself – you must be able to […]

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Office Intranet Party Invitation

This invitation was sent to me and other members of our section some time ago, but I feel it provides a nice example of the sort of messages that are sent over the office intranet. See how much you can understand by reading through it first without using plugins like Rikaichan to help you! Naturally, […]

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A quick note about…

Polite Japanese doesn’t always have to mean long sentences full of complicated vocabulary. Sometimes the shortest messages are also most enlightening. Take a look at this little email message. (more…)

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