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Fist of the North Star – Condom Word Play!

One of Japan’s most famous anime – Hokuto no Ken (北斗の拳), or Fist of the North Star in English, has been united with that most basic of human desires – sex! There should be no mistaking that this post will be for our more mature readers. If you’re easily offended or embarrassed by talking about […]

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Heno-heno 変じゃないのぉ?? What’s all this heno-heno business then? We take a brief look at this classic idea known by all Japanese people. (more…)

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Body Warming Cream

One peculiar product I happened across recently was this little orange tube of cream claiming that it would warm you up just by spreading it on your body. I was skeptical, but having tried it out can confirm that it really does work! (more…)

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Shining White. For Kiss!

Quirky Engrish pops up everywhere in Japan and can be a constant source of amusement for the budding language student. Put your cringing to good use and try reading the Japanese alongside it! (more…)

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