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Too Much – くどい

あなたの周りにくどい人いますか? 例えば会社の上司とか、先輩とか。 同じ事を繰り返して話したり、ネチネチと嫌な事を言い続けたりする、ずっと一緒にいたくないタイプの人。 (more…)

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Slovenly – ズボラ

自分の性格を一言で言うと何ですか? 明るい?心配性?積極的? ↓こんな言葉聞いたことありませんか?? 「私の性格はズボラです。」 ズボラって?? (more…)

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Japanese Female Divers – 海女

Here’s word rich in culture that’s quite unusual and yet very memorable. Ama (海女) means ‘woman of the sea’ and is used to describe the free-diving ladies of Japan’s costal regions who plunge down to the shallows in order to gather shellfish and other food. (more…)

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Lucky Ears – 福耳

Do you ever secretly worry about the shape of your ears? Perhaps you have larger-than-normal earlobes? Do they droop down in a stretched-out fashion? It may be that you’re one of the lucky owners of ‘fukumimi’! (more…)

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