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Intelligentsia – インテリ

This word, インテリ, is an abbreviated version of インテリゲンチャ, (the intelligentsia) meaning ‘intellectual’, referring to a person or class of people who have a tendency for intellectual prowess as opposed to physical strength or ability. (more…)

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ASCII Art Omitted – AA略

You might see this term used online among Japanese netizens. The term AA is an abbreviation of ASCII Art – American Standard Code for Information Interchange – referring to those weird and wonderful faces made up of electronic characters. (more…)

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Twitter Lingo – なう

Those of you who are Twitter users will have undoubtedly comes across the slang term なう, which evolved on the social network in response to the ‘What are you doing now?’ tagline. Let’s take a brief look at the term! (more…)

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Curious Katakana Words 1

The Japanese language has a smattering of quirky expressions. At first glance, their meanings can often elude us. This is especially so with Katakana words, as they often contain elements from foreign languages, as well as mixtures of slang and even current, trending terms. (more…)

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