Too Much – くどい

あなたの周りにくどい人いますか? 例えば会社の上司とか、先輩とか。 同じ事を繰り返して話したり、ネチネチと嫌な事を言い続けたりする、ずっと一緒にいたくないタイプの人。 (more…)

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Japanese Honorifics

‘Honorific’ is a linguistic term referring to titles added to a person’s name. In Japanese, the vast majority of these are suffixes. You’ve likely have heard one or two in movies: ‘Daniel-san’ and ‘Miyagi-sensei’ spring to mind. Honorifics aren’t just limited to suffixes however. In English for example, we generally use prefixes added to a […]

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Japanese True Love Tester Bra

A little bit racy this post, but if you were able to handle the Condom Word Play frivolities, you’ll enjoy this one. In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Japanese lingerie maker Ravijour is holding its ‘Mood Up’ campaign and has come up with a curious bra design that guarantees not to open unless the lady […]

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The Chubbiness Idol Group

Do you have a フェッチ? If it’s for cute, chubby girls, then this is the lesson for you! In response to the rising popularity of AKB48 and other local idol groups in Japan, a niche collection of girls have popped up aiming to win the hearts and minds of guys who like their idols just […]

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No More Hold-Ups!

もう改札で止まらない! So goes the catchy line in this advert featuring the pudgy, bulging yurukyara character that is Tokyu’s ‘Noru-run’. The picture speaks a thousand words, but can you figure out the Japanese? It’s quite clever! (more…)

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Slovenly – ズボラ

自分の性格を一言で言うと何ですか? 明るい?心配性?積極的? ↓こんな言葉聞いたことありませんか?? 「私の性格はズボラです。」 ズボラって?? (more…)

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