House Omamori

Omamori are used in many different places around Japan. Most often you’ll see them being sold as colourful trinkets at Shinto shrines, but did you also know about gofu given out to protect houses? (more…)

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New Year’s Discounts

Printing New Year’s cards to send out to friends and family is a custom given much importance in Japan. Huge quantities of postcards are send out all over the country just to ‘check in’ with people, even if it is just once a year. (more…)

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Body Warming Cream

One peculiar product I happened across recently was this little orange tube of cream claiming that it would warm you up just by spreading it on your body. I was skeptical, but having tried it out can confirm that it really does work! (more…)

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Complaint Clinic

Here’s one fascinating sign I came across that was too unusual to pass up. I’d never heard of these sort of places before, but apparently they do exist! (more…)

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