Shining White. For Kiss!

Quirky Engrish pops up everywhere in Japan and can be a constant source of amusement for the budding language student. Put your cringing to good use and try reading the Japanese alongside it! (more…)

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Autumn Foliage

Autumn is in full bloom in many places across Japan right now, so it seems seasonal for a little update about 紅葉 (こうよう or もみじ). Both words refer to the vibrant, colourful leaves that emerge with the colder, shorter days. See what you make of this listening practice. Photo from Autumn Foliage The script: […]

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Carnivorous Girls and Herbivorous Boys

Are traditional gender identities changing? It seems like it might be the case if we examine buzzwords from Japan. Popular a couple of years ago, the so-called 肉食女子 and 草食男子 – carnivorous girls and herbivorous boys – paint a very different picture to the traditional idea of assertive men and shy women. (more…)

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Shoes Off Before Coming In!

It’s no secret that many places in Japan require that you take off your shoes when entering – good examples being temples and family homes. I was quite surprised, however, to see a sign warning about this practice placed outside in a public park! (more…)

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