Snowboard Safety

Winter in Japan can be positively frightful if you don’t have a positive outlook. Looking forward to going snowboarding is one very good way to keep your spirits up, but be sure to strap on your helmet before heading out! (more…)

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Time to Catch the Ferry

Here’s a little timetable I picked up last summer. While reading one sounds like quite a simple task, in the heat of the moment when rushing to catch a ferry, it can sometimes catch you off guard. (more…)

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Travelling with the 18 Kippu

Have you heard of the Seishun 18 Kippu? Meaning something like the ‘Youthful 18 Pass’, it’s a special ticket that anyone – regardless of age – can use to travel cheaply at certain times in the year. (more…)

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Bathhouse Etiquette

Do you know the correct etiquette for bathing Japanese style? During a trip to Naoshima last summer, I picked up this pretty little pamphlet that describes the process. (more…)

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