Let Me Google That For You – ググれカス

Google currently holds the title of Search Engine King for most people, and it’s the go-to tool for looking most anything up. So heavy has our reliance on the search giant become, that it’s now considered something of an insult to ask a question that could easily be answered by Google Sensei.

The website ‘Let Me Google That For You‘ is a somewhat snarky way of telling somebody to search for the (usually easily found) answer to a question by themselves. It’s no surprise then, that the Japanese internet also has a term for this phenomenon, although one that is decidedly less playful – ググれカス (Gugurecus), abbreviated in 2ch net slang as ‘ggrks’. Let’s explore.


Google it yourself, scum!

The word ググれカス is made up of two separate words, one of which is also a 造語 (zougo – manufactured word).

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